Sale: use discount code "freeshipping" for purchase of $50 or more

FREE MUG only until August 12th

Store Promotion News:

From today to Aug 12th, is giving out a uniquely designed mug to every non-mug item you purchase. Grab the chance now!

How to Claim:

1. Add all the items in the cart including the mug(s)

2. Click "Check out" in the cart

3. Input the discount code "disurefree1mug" if you are claiming 1 mug with 1 non-mug item

4. If you have multiple non-mug items, congratulations, you are eligible to get multiple free mugs.

You just need to replace "#" in the following discount code with the number of mugs you want to get for free "disurefree#mug", but make sure you have enough non-mug items in the cart so you can be eligible for the number of free mugs. 

(e.g. you added 3 T-shirts and 3 mugs in the cart, during check out use the discount code "disurefree3mug" then the price of 3 mugs will be deducted from your total.)

5. If you want to get more than 8 free mugs in one purchase, message us on FB messager, I will give you a special code to do that.

Enjoy your shirts and your mugs =)

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