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How to be More Attractive

Posted by Lisy H on

Being attractive is not all about the physical look. Imagine a handsome dude with no life goal, always on his phone and look like he is bored all the time, will you be attracted to him? want to be more attractive? let's get the tips started:

1. Have goals and work toward it

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Why are most people attracted to fit guys? oh I know, because six packs make my eyes popping and hands numbing.

Well, not entirely. Fit people work out (you can't get six packs without working out sadly), and you can't get that result after just one day of working out. So they need to set goals for themselves, work out regularly for a long period of time to keep that shape and achieve their goals. That's a simple example of the point I want to make. I believe there is a lot of live examples around you that you can find in someone you found attractive.

2. Be engaged in your surroundings

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As easy as this sounds, it's difficult to do nowadays with so many more fun things on your mobile phone than your surroundings. We stare at our phones in the subway, on the road, at a party, everywhere, because we can almost always find more interesting things on our phones. Even we all do it ourselves, we aren't attracted to that.

Put down your phone sometimes, so you can invite people to come and interact with you. Listen and react when people tell you something about their life, give a meaningful compliment to the person so he/she can feel special, which makes you special as well. Be engaged in the real life and people will see your charisma naturally.

3. Don't act like you don't care

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I grew up watching a good amount of Taiwanese dramas, girls are always into emotionless mean guys and fighting to be with them, but that wasn't the reality. If you don't express your care, others don't know about it, and they would walk away.

The reason that a caring person is more attractive is that everyone wants to have some kind of attention, if you are giving them that attention, then you will be rewarded with attention as well. wait, is that why I'm getting social media follow and unfollow, coz I didn't follow back?

4. Have fun in your own life

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We want to go to a party with people who are actually having fun there. No one wants to join a party with everyone sitting there and looking bored. If you are a emo and wish someone to knock on your door when you are crying all the time, you will be sorry to hear that maybe no one will. Don't Complain, Change.

Take things less seriously, and have fun. Make fun of yourself with the tough situation that you are in instead of getting into depression. You will attract people who also want to join the fun party of your life. 

Jokes aside, this is the real reason that you are attracted to someone.

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