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4 Personality Traits of Boba Tea (Bubble Tea) Lovers

Posted by Lisy H on

photo by: Rosalind Chang

These are some personality traits I found in boba tea lovers after years of experience loving boba tea and meeting other boba tea lovers. Boba tea lovers are ...

1. Fun and won't take things so seriously

People who love boba tea know how to have a little more fun in life. Imagine your boss walks into a meeting with a cup of boba tea instead of coffee, doesn't the environment become a lot less stressed? Boba tea has a fun persona, that's why we relate to it. We joke around and do not take every comment from others seriously, which make us great companions. Hey bartender, May I have a Bailey, with boba, thanks!

shake it off taylor swift GIF by Vevo

2. Enjoy Small Moments of Happiness

Ok, let's be honest, boba tea has a bad reputation in the health community just like Taylor Swift has a bad reputation in the haters gonna hate community, but we still love it because sucking and chewing bobas relax us from the long hard week.

A trip to the boba tea shop with a couple of close buddies, sunbathing and chat, are some of the best entertainments on earth. We don't need to spend thousands of dollars to do fancy things in order to be happy, because we can reach the same level of joy from these extremely chewable and smooth balls.

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3. Open to new experiences

Boba tea is a relatively new drink in the western countries. Many of us might or might not grow up with it, but we still felt hard for this exotic creature. Boba tea lovers are open to experience many other new things as well. Others said it's hard to make a change in life, not us, we are always ready to take a new challenge so that we won't regret later in life.

bubble tea boba GIF by tunadunn

4. Creative

Since boba tea entered the western world, it has been through a lot of transformations: its flavors, its forms, and its colors. Boba tea lovers created those new variants from just one original boba+milk+red tea concept. Some of those variants are super weird that gave me dark memories in life.

"Boba tea" also represents indie art because it is not as mainstream as some other popular drinks. The artistic and creative boba tea lovers like to contribute to the world some original stuff so that others can enjoy small moments in life as much as we do.

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If you are a boba tea lover, I hope you identify yourself with some or all of these traits. 

Boba tea P.S.: " There are so many names for Boba tea. In Ohio, they call me bubble tea; In California, they call me boba tea; in Asia, they call me milk tea with pearls. It doesn't matter how you call me, as long as you love me."

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