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4 Amazing Things I Learned After the First 2 Weeks of Entrepreneurship

Posted by Lisy H on

In the last blog post, I told you about the 4 hard things I learn for the first 2 weeks of entrepreneurship, but I don't want you to stop there. If your heart is itchy, then don't just scratch, giving it a try coz it's the best med.

1. You will be Impressed with Yourself.

When I was little I did homework when my mom was around, and studied hard only to get a top grade, a job and impress others. Now I see myself working toward no definite result for the things I love, and I'm impressed, by myself. Even I feel lost sometimes when the direction is blurred, I still love how I would do something about it rather than just sit there and watch TV all day. In conclusion, you will have more self-love and confidence.

2. Knowing People are Buying the Stuff You Created is a True Joy.

Ok, I never really imagined that people actually gonna pay for things I created. I used to just do it for fun and hope people who see it will feel something positive. Every customer gives me true joy, so I send personal messages to everyone who made a purchase on my site because I truly appreciate him/her for making my day special.

3. You will Learn So Much that Years of Higher Education Cannot Compare.

Classes in college are great, for paper, for parents, for you to procrastinate a little before entering the society, and they are necessary for most people. However, the practical knowledge I learned, is from fully engaging in projects and actions. From being an aspired entrepreneur for a short amount of time, I already learned so much. All these active "learning-action-combo turbo-attacks" give me almost all the digital design and web business knowledge I know today. Want to learn about the business? Start a small business, it might cost less than your MBA.

4. You are Working for Your Own Dream.

                                                                                                                    Photo By Engin_Akyurt
Not a new piece of information: The World is having a work engagement crisis right now, 87% of the workforce who work for an organization is not engaged (meaning they are not involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work). source
When you run your own business, you will be fully engaged in your work life. At this moment, you are not working for anyone else's dream anymore, you are a badass who work for your own (drop the stable paycheck). You are in charge of everything that's running in your company and your work life will not be boring and meaningless anymore. Congratulations, you will truly live a life with purpose.


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